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Create the future you want 



Professional Certifed Coach (PCC) / International Coaching Federation / 1 500+ hours of experience with individual and team coaching

My coaching style is warm, collaborative and science-based:)

Extensive experience in coaching top managers, entrepreneurs, talents and teams
The partner in creating happy teams and harmonious relationships, making difficult decisions, building on your strengths, finding your purpose and creating the future we wish for
The expert on the leadership of virtual, hybrid and "traditional" teams, motivation, happiness and retention

The Mentor Coach - Core competencies, The journey towards the ICF Certification

2014-2016 - Executive Director Dale Carnegie Czech Republic

2022- 2024 - The President of International Coaching Federation  Czech Republic Czech Charter Chapter

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The Coaching

My coaching style is warm, collaborative and science-based.

The purpose of the coaching process is to work in partnership with the client:
on building on strengths and focusing on vision in harmony with his/her true values, in harmony with his/her true self
on creating a safe space for self-discovery
on designing meaningful experiments and actions that will create a positive impact he/she wish for

I can become your partner in:

-  Self-awareness, self-confidence, being fully in the here and now, a journey to inner well-being and harmony in an ever-changing world.
-  Leading, motivating and coaching our teams,  the role of leader of traditional, hybrid and virtual teams, creating positive and meaningful impact,
-  Authentic communication with stakeholders, challenging conversations and creating harmonious relationships,
-  Discovering what is truly important to us in our lives and careers, creating the future we truly wish for, priorities, managing our time, understanding our boundaries, 
-  Creating a corporate or team strategy,
-  Imposter Syndrome,
-  Working with our emotions, values, stories, strenghts and self-reflection.

I I also provide coaching mentoring focused on the gold standard in coaching, the core competencies of the International Coaching Federation

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The stories of my clients

English: About

Dušan Šourek, Country Manager Pandora

I would recommend Markéta for her professional knowledge of the problem, the finding optimal solutions to the problem areas and thanks to her ability to really support the client during coaching. The coaching process had an effect on setting priorities, delegating individual activities to specific subordinates, and the delegating of activities from the office staff to shop staff. 
I appreciate her professional approach and performance, she does not see her profession as a job opportunity, but as a part of her life, in which she wants to constantly improve and achieve ever-higher goals.

dušan big.jpg

Vladan Zalejský, Director of Public Administration Division, Asseco Solutions

Markéta and I, we were working on people skills of my team of middle managers. I appreciate her positive human attitude and involvement in working together. She is also actively interested in the results of her work in day-to-day life.

Petr Hojsák, Financial Director EURAMCO

Markéta is a real professional. I completed an intensive program with her, focused on effective communication, development of emotional intelligence and improvement of sales skills. She was always excellently prepared and in a completely non-violent way led me to see my surroundings in a completely different, significantly more positive way. She never forced her opinions or attitudes on me, but rather effectively guided the flow of my thoughts.

petr big.jpg
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Josef Maděra, Production Manager Magna Bohemia

Markéta transferred positive thinking and enthusiasm to me. Thanks to her highly individualized approach, she got me exactly where I needed, naturally and non-violently. She is a great coach, mentor and strong personality.

Eva Howlings, founder of

"I knew that working with a coach could help me to clarify some goals.  What I didn't know was the process would be fun - and that I'd feel so energized about starting the (sometimes scary) process.
Marketa draws from a variety of approaches, choosing what works best for the individual.
Her presence is calming, and she makes you feel as though your success and happiness is the only thing that's important in that moment. 

She asks just the right questions and has a reassuring way of unpacking your answers. It doesn't hurt that she's young, and bright, and as a  entrepreneurial spirit herself, she offers lots of insight into the  business world. It's been inspiring, working with Marketa." 


Sagar Rakin, yoga expert

I met Markéta thanks to the recommendation of my dear friend. And I am very grateful for this meeting. I am very interested in coaching in the future, so Markéta became an ideal person for me. She patiently guided me through the process of learning about the types of coaching and their professional use. She helped me very nonviolently to know what my inner potentials are and how I can use them. For her, her job is a mission and it is visible how much she loves it. It is wonderful to watch how the interests of their clients become her own. She uses various coaching methodologies, which always help clients to get deeper into the level of awareness where they could find their own answers. She does not impose her own opinions and professionally follows all the principles of coaching.
I feel very strengthened and full of energy to move to new life goals. The cooperation with Markéta is fun, educational and enriching.

English: Services
English: Services

I am proud of

Certifiacation Professional Certified Coach  (PCC) u International Coaching Federation

DISC Pratctioner Certifacation - Assesments 24 x 7

Transformational Coaching - Coaching Systems
Team Coaching - Global Team Coaching Institute 

Being President of the Czech Charter Chapter of the International Coaching Federation / 6/2022-6/2024

Being Executive Director of the Dale Carnegie Training Czech Republic / 2014-2016

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